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Please arrange to pay your £45 2019/2020 SASA before 1st March 2019. See Membership and Fees - Swimmer Information Renewal Form for details of how to pay. 


DASC gratefully acknowledges support from the following 





 Committee members are as important as the swimmers as they can help shape the club and ensure it moves forward in the best possible way for the swimmers.  Many hands do make light work though so it is still possible to get involved. 

We are keen to look at new ideas and options to help the communication and the flow of volunteers.  For example,

  • The introduction of squad reps have been discussed to help having a central point of contact poolside at sessions.
  • Committee meetings are once a month on a Monday evening.  This is not proving successful so we are happy to look at other options.
  • Shop kit is currently held at Inverkeithing.  Any ideas on how the shop can be made more efficient or easier to access would be appreciated.




Susan Robertson  Hon President  Phil Smithard


Gillian Wilson

  Julie Fielding  Hon V-P  Mrs Sylvia Mackay

Vice President

Not Filled

  Karen Kemp  Hon Member  Mrs J Metcalfe


Sarah Purcell

  Mathew Bond Hon Member  Mrs A Garden


Gareth Hewie

  Sueann Rochester    



Ann Farrell

   5x Not Filled    

Gala Secretary

Ruth Robertson



Annette Bond



Susan Robertson


Swimmers Rep

Not Filled



Term Times

Masters - Monday 22nd April -> Friday 27th June 

Gold - Monday 22nd April  -> Friday 27th June

Silver - Teusday 23rd April -> Friday 27th June

Bronze - Friday 26th April -> Friday 27th June

Dolphins - Sunday 28th -> until Sunday 23rd June


Novice & Fife Leagues 

All at MWC (NL 80:30 Warmup, Fife League 12:30 warmup).

League 1 - 10th March

League 2 - 12th May

League 3 - 2nd June

League 4 - 1st September 

Fife Camps and Geordie Wotherspoon - 30th November 

Club Events

DASC Sprint Gala – 8th June

DASC Graceful Swim – To be agreed

DASC Club Champs – To be agreed

DASC Presentation Night – 29th November (Crossgates Legion Booked)

DASC Club fun day – To be agreed

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