Coaching and Poolside

At Dunfermline ASC all coaches, teachers and poolside helpers are volunteers who give up their spare time to share coaching duties for the club.

Sessions are run by qualified coaches/teachers, assisted by poolside helpers.  Although poolside helpers are often experienced club swimmers this is not a requirement.

UKCC Courses are available for anyone aspiring to take up teaching, often with funding available.


There are five squads : Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Dolphins

Senior Squads - Platinum and Gold

Senior Club Coach - Mike Tate

Senior Squad Coaches - Richie Metcalfe, Ken Vogel & Keith Falconer.

Junior Squads - Silver - Steven Fielding, Bronze - Andrew Ross

Junior Squad Coaches - Fiona McArthur 

Beginners Squad - Dolphins

Beginner Club Coach - Brenda Tait

Beginner Squad Coach - Anita Jefferies & Kirsty Balfour

Poolside Assistants (All Squads) - James Daw, Elliot Clough, Emma Robertson, Morgan Stephenson