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Club Fees

Squad Training Fee

The squad training fees are set by the committee annually but may be reviewed at any point in the year if unexpected changes in pool fees occur.  All swim fees have been calculated for training on 46 weeks of the year and are payable over 12 equal monthly instalments – by all family members.

From the 1st January 2019 squad fees currently stand at the following per month

  • Platinum £25.00
  • Gold £30.00
  • Silver £25.00
  • Bronze £17.00
  • Dolphins £14.00

Squad training fees could be paid by standing order. For any queries regarding how to pay fees please contact the Treasurer.


Membership Fee

Annual club membership runs annually from 1st January to 31st December of the same year. Club Membership is included in the monthly squad fees.


SASA Affiliation Fee

All members are required to be members of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA). The SASA affiliation fee is payable in by 1st March each year.

  • First and Second swimmers in a family £45 (This includes SASA Fees)
  • Third and subsequent swimmers in family are free

To complete a SASA Club Membership Form at this link. Complete the form on the website and note the membership number. Pass this along with a completed DASC Club membership form (attached below) to Membership Secretary.      

*NB If a member joins DASC between August and November they will pay a £30 membership fee. If a member joins DASC from November they will pay £15


If you have any further membership queries please contact the Membership Secretary.  Annual membership is proposed by the management group and are ratified at the agm in November each year. Squad training fees are subject to review throughout the year.


Download this file (DASC_Handbook_2017.pdf)DASC Membership HandbookV2017
Download this file (Membership Form 2019 JAN-MAR New Swimmer.pdf)New Swimmer Membership Form 2019 JAN-MARFor new swimmers in the first quarter of 2019 only.


Masters - Wednesday 3rd April December, returning Monday 22nd April

Gold - Wednesday 3rd April, returning Saturday 20th April

Silver - Tuesday 2nd April December, returning Saturday 20th April

Bronze - Saturday 30th March, returning Saturday 20th April

Dolphins - Sunday 31st March December, returning Sunday 21st April


Novice & Fife Leaves

All at MWC (NL 80:30 Warmup, Fife League 12:30 warmup).

League 1 - 10th March

League 2 - 21st April

League 3 - 12th May

League 4 - 10th June

Fife Camps and Geordie Wotherspoon - 1st September

Club Events

DASC Sprint Gala – 8th June

DASC Graceful Swim – To be agreed

DASC Club Champs – To be agreed

DASC Presentation Night – 29th November (Crossgates Legion Booked)

DASC Club fun day – To be agreed

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