Membership to the club is on an annual basis.  The following are required:






Squad fees

Annually or on Joining

(due  February)

Club Membership form


Membership fees

On Joining

Online registration with SASA


Ad-Hoc (Optional)



DASC swim shop charges

Gala Fees


New Members

Please download the form below.  New members will need the Club membership form and will need to complete the online registration with SASA. The Welcome letter will provide you with all of the necessary information to assist you in completing your registration.  Any club volunteers only need to complete online SASA registration - please discuss with a committee member for more info.


Squad Training Fee

The squad training fees are set by the committee annually but may be reviewed at any point in the year if unexpected changes in pool fees occur.  All swim fees have been calculated for training on 46 weeks of the year and are payable over 12 equal monthly instalments – by all family members.

Squad fees currently stand at the following per month

  • Performance £25.00
  • Junior Performance £25.00
  • Platinum £22.00
  • Gold £25.00
  • Silver £23.00
  • Bronze £15.00
  • Dolphins £12.00

NB It would be preferable if squad training fees could be paid by standing order. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a corridor duty person for details.


Membership Fee

Annual club membership runs from 1st January to 31st Dec of the same year. Membership fees are payable by the end of January and currently stand at the following:

  • First and Second swimmers in a family £60 (This includes SASA Fees)
  • Third and subsequent swimmers in family are free

SASA Affiliation Fee

All members are required to be members of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA). The SASA affiliation fee is payable in March each year. This fee is contained within the club membership fee and payment to SASA is made by the club in March (or on joining).

To complete a SASA Club Membership Form please print off the SASA Form below. Complete the form with the swimmers details and hand it to a committee member or squad coach.      

*NB If a member joins DASC between August and November they will pay a £30 membership fee. If a member joins DASC from November they will pay £15.


Swim shop

DASC have club kit available for sale. Swim suits, jammers, shorts, caps can be purchased from corridor duty personnel.  T-shirts, poolside wear, hoodies etc. are availble directly from our supplier shop:


Gala Entry Fees

Are payable to the club upon separate billing. Invoices will be issued to swimmers who have been entered and accepted for a swim. If a swimmer doesn't attend an event they have been entered into, they will still be issued with an invoice.


Changing Club

Any swimmer changing club must arrange to get their SASA membership moved.  They should advise their old club and either log in their SASA account and transfer or ask their old club to do so..


And finally – the small print…..

If you have any further queries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Annual membership is proposed by the management group and are ratified at the agm in November each year. Squad training fees are subject to review throughout the year.


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