Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any club.  There are numerous ways to get involved – some ideas are below, but feel free to approach any committee members with any ideas.


Sessions are run by qualified coaches/teachers, assisted by poolside helpers.  Although poolside helpers are often experienced club swimmers this is not a requirement.

UKCC Courses are available for anyone aspiring to take up teaching, often with funding available.


Getting involved in galas is a fun way to spend the time at an event, getting a good view of the action and feeling involved.

Technical Officials are always needed when attending galas.  The progression is from timekeeping to Judge, Starter and Referee.  No experience is required to start on the training courses, with lots of on the job experience on the way towards qualifications.  The big bonus is getting to wear uniform whites ;-)

Team managers are needed to shepherd the swimmers poolside at a gala.  Again, this is a great way to get involved with the swimmers, ensuring they get to their correct races, with the correct equipment without eating all their sweets just beforehand.   A team manager course will ensure you understand how a gala operates and your role in keeping it running smoothly, as well as equipping you with tools to safely manage young swimmers.  The big bonus is not having to wear uniform whites ;-)

Club Sessions

Squad reps would help bridge the communication gap between committee, coach & parent.  Providing information and helping to ensure everyone is aware of club business, upcoming galas and making shop products available



The 2017 AGM has produced a replenished committee.  Committee members are as important as the swimmers as they can help shape the club and ensure it moves forward in the best possible way for the swimmers.  Many hands do make light work though so it is still possible to get involved. 

We are keen to look at new ideas and options to help the communication and the flow of volunteers.  For example,

  • The introduction of squad reps have been discussed to help having a central point of contact poolside at sessions.
  • Committee meetings are once a month on a Monday evening.  This is not proving successful so we are happy to look at other options.
  • ·       Shop kit is currently held at Inverkeithing.  Any ideas on how the shop can be made more efficient or easier to access would be appreciated.



Delegates are desired for the Fife Regional Committee (FRC) and if possible the East District Committee and Scottish swimming.  

The FRC manage the novice leagues and organise courses etc throughout fife.  It is important to be involved in this group to keep good regional links to other clubs.  Meetings are held monthly.  The delegates responsibility is to communicate the clubs involvements in the wider region, highlighting areas of concern or areas where collaborative working would be beneficial.  e.g. highlighting courses where shared attendence would be beneficial.




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